MBGC is promoted by Maharaja Shiksha Samiti (Regd.) which is a philanthropic body consisting of eminent professionals in the sphere of education and management. The college is centrally located in the foothills of Aravali ranges in a lush green Maharaja Education Campus, Airport road National highway 76, Debari,Udaipur enjoying the vicinity of city of lakes, in the state of Rajasthan.The college was established on 4 Sept, 2008. The distinguished Board of Governors Dr.Satish Sharma , an eminent academician, Mr. Nagendra Singh, Management and Legal Expert always provide a guiding light to MBGC family.

Our Objectives:


Sh. Nagendra Singh
Dr. Satish Chander Sharma

From Managment of Socity

Teachers pass on knowledge and values to children, prepare them for further education and for working life and are main contributors to good education. .Education means an all round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and spirit. The end of all education, all training should be man making. The end and aim of all training is to make the man grow. The training by which the current and expression are brought under control and become fruitful is called education.

Education plays a vital role in giving human beings proper equipment to lead a gracious and harmonious life. Education is the process of instruction aimed at the all round development of boys and girls. Education dispels ignorance. It is the only wealth that cannot be robbed. Learning includes the moral values and the improvement of character and the methods to increase the strength of mind. Importance of teacher education evident as a teacher had to perform multiple activities besides those that were intrinsic to teaching and learning. Teaching, evaluating, communicating, guiding and counselling, organising co-curricular activities, participating in community programmes, diagnosing and remedying problems of students, are only some of the main activities. All these need excellence in academic and professional preparation of teachers.

Education is the best tool to bring a positive change in society, to develop a generation of responsible individuals and contribute to the development of good human beings. The fundamental purpose of education is to gain knowledge, competency in specific subject. Education serves as the means to develop oneself physically, mentally and socially.

The fundamental purpose of education is to create good human beings. Education is vital to the healthy growth and development of one's personality. In producing human beings out of raw individuals lies the importance of education. Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching, and,apart from parents are the main source of knowledge and values for children

Sh. Rajesh Mantri

Principal's Message

Parents and teachers are true well-wishers of a child. They have been placed after god. The rich Indian culture also depicts that parents give birth to a child but only a teacher shapes his personality. This is also a universal truth that quality of education depends on teachers. Our effort is to give quality education with the aim of developing aspirant teachers in their knowledge and skills but also in grooming their personality and inculcating the right kind of attitude and values so that they can best thrive in this competent world.